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Beckton and
Royal Docks

Children's Centre

Advisory Board

Primary role

The Beckton and Royal Docks Children’s Centre Community Neighbourhood BSIL Advisory Board is a partnership board that provides governance for the delivery of Best Start in Life activity within the Community Neighbourhood. The Board is comprised of representation from all partners who deliver the Best Start in Life Guarantee, as well as other relevant partners such as Third Sector orgs, Newham CCG etc.

The Advisory Board will have no legal liabilities, and no responsibility for budgeting or recruitment, however Children’s Centres must give all due respect and consideration to all advice and guidance from the Advisory Board.

Key responsibilities

  • Ensure that parent reps are effectively supported to champion the voice of local families and parents;
  • Input to the development of the Children’s Centre Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) and Delivery Plan for local activity, where appropriate;
  • Provide supportive challenge to providers involved in the delivery of the BSiL Guarantee against national and local requirements;
  • Facilitate effective engagement between the children’s centres, partners and the community to share information in order to shape local BSiL services;
  • Facilitate and ensure local partnership working to improve the quality and availability of services to children and families;
  • Monitor Best Start in Life activity in the Community Neighbourhood Area against performance outcomes;
  • Review and agree Children’s Centre policies and procedures annually; and,
  • Ensure that BSiL delivery is achieving value for money, making best use of the resources available, improving outcomes for children and driving up the quality of services available.
  • Advisory Board members must abide by relevant school policies while on Children’s Centre delivery sites.


Membership of the Advisory Board must be representative of the range of partners and providers who deliver services to children and families from, or in partnership with the Children’s Centre(s) within the Community Neighbourhood, as well as parents and carers.

Required membership for BSiL Advisory Boards:

  • Parent Reps
  • Lead Provider
  • Supporting Providers
  • Local Authority
  • Health Visiting
  • JCP
  • Community Neighbourhoods Midwifery

Suggested partners for consideration on BSiL Advisory Boards:

  • CCG
  • Adult Learning
  • Learning & Achievement/PVI Reps
  • Third Sector Orgs
  • Workplace
  • Pharmacy Reps

How can you get involved?

At Beckton & Royal Docks Children's Centre we are keen to have your input and participation, if you are a regular user and would like to be on our board to represent the parents / carers to really support the shaping and delivery of Beckton & Royal Docks Children's Centre then please do come along and speak to a member of staff.


Please download the latest meeting minutes for your reference.