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Beckton and
Royal Docks

Children's Centre

Annual Report

Please see attached the Beckton & Royal Docks Children's Centre Annual report for the delivery year 2017-18.  Here you will be able to see the achievements we had made as a centre, read case studies about some of the families / individuals we have supported across the year.  Please click and download.

At Beckton & Royal Docks Children's Centre, accountability is very important, as it is a way for us to measure our performance as a whole, identity areas of improvements and most importantly check that we are on track with meeting our identified targets.  Each and every member of staff contribute to the centres development and achievement as they are those at the front line delivering the vital services for the community.

As a Children's Centre, we have key performance indicators that have been set by the local authority as well as an Ofsted framework that we need to deliver within, this supports us with how we choose and identify our target priorities each year.

Please also see attached the completed delivery plan for the delivery year of 2017-18 as well a the delivery plan for the current year, 2018-19.

These plans link into the Advisory Board meetings and members provide us with challenge and questions around our justification for our delivery, holding us to account where necessary.  Please visit our Advisory Board tab for further information.