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Beckton and
Royal Docks

Children's Centre

Comments from our users

"Our family just wanted to say big thank you for all the events organised this summer holiday. The events and playgroups are all great, age appropriate, relaxing for all involved as well as structured offering varied activities to keep children interested and have fun. Thank you to all your lovely staff for all the hard work they put in it really makes a big difference to have a place where we feel welcomed and supported".  Summer Fun Day, 18/08/17

"I suggest you do more play sessions like Stay & Play in the morning, one more on Monday or Wednesday, because the kids love it".  Annual Satisfaction Survey, 27/04/17

"You are doing a great job already, Happy to be here", Annual Satisfaction Survey, 28/04/17

"Longer duration classes for toddler, more toddler based activity (soft play is great), mini gymnastic related classes", Annual Satisfaction Survey, 28/04/17

"The staff at BaRD do a very good job indeed! Keep up the good work. Could run more groups as there is area need in the community".  Annual Satisfaction Survey, 24/04/17

"For me and my son is good as it is.  My son is happy when he come here." Annual Satisfaction Survey, 24/04/17

"I suggest you do more play sessions like Stay & Play in the morning, one more on Monday or Wednesday, because the kids love it".  Annual Satisfaction Survey, 24/04/17

"Excellent service, staff are lovely.  Loved mothers day treat".  Annual Satisfaction Survey, 25/07/17

“I have learnt to communicate with him better”. Stay & Play, 20/03/17

“Sessions has made a great difference, my child to meet others and myself to meet other parents.  My child can access activities that I can’t offer at home”. Stay & Play, 20/03/17

“Groups are a life line for me as I gave up work to look after her. We both socialise and it improves confidence”.  Singalong & Stories, 17/03/17

“He is very sociable and I have made a lot of friends here and any doubt I have, other mothers give me advice. Staff as well are very helpful”.  Messy Play, 13/03/17

“The sessions I attend have helped me to feel less isolated as I gave up my job to look after her, as her mum and dad work. The staff are very supportive to me”. Music & Movement 08/12/16

“My child used to be very shy, but he started to interact with other children, sometimes by attending this session”. Stay & Play, 01/12/16

“Attending this session has helped me in knowing her interest and easily with setting things up at home for continuous learning. This really helped Angel in settling into school since most of the things are same as school”Stay & Play, 29/09/16