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Beckton and
Royal Docks

Children's Centre

Early Learning Activities

The Children’s Centre provides a range of activities for you to have fun with your children, whilst supporting their learning and development through play activities, in readiness for further learning at school.  Please have a look at our home learning tip sheets for some great ideas.  Click on the Home Learning tab.

Please refer to the What’s on page for full activity listing.

How important is Family Learning?

  • Children spend 85% of their waking hours outside of school.
  • At 6 years old we have learned 50% of our vocabulary.
  • Seven year olds who had been given books at nine months achieved results 20% higher than other children in national English, Mathematics and Science tests.
  • We learn at the fastest rate in the first ten years of life.
  • One third of parents are worried about helping their child with homework in case they ‘get it wrong’.
  • 41% of parents want to know how to help their children with mathematics.
  • A report written by Charles Desforges (for DfES, 2003) showed that learning at home was the biggest influence on achievement of children aged 3 to 7.