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Beckton and
Royal Docks

Children's Centre

Our Partners


 Ellen Wilkinson School

Ellen Wilkinson Primary School is our governing school that Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre is a part of and accountable to.  The centre is supported by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors and work in partnership to improve outcomes for the children within our area and cross working where necessary.

 Early Start

Early Start is our supporting provider who works with Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre to deliver services across our neighbourhood area.  We also work in partnership to support the delivery of the volunteering programme, offering parents the opportunity to train and volunteer in a range of sessions.  Many of the parenting groups are also delivered in partnership with the Early Start Parenting Team. 

Winsor Primary School

Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre work in partnership with Winsor Primary School to deliver and lead on a range of sessions for children under 5 within the area.  We have come together to support improving outcomes for children and getting children to be school ready by the time they reach reception age. 

London Borough of Newham

Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre has been commissioned by the London Borough of Newham to deliver the Mayor’s initiative of the Best Start in life Guarantee (BSiL).  We work with a range of departments who support the delivery of the BSiL offer.  The centre has an established Advisory Board which includes key members of the borough’s Commissioning Team and Learning and Achievement Team as well as Councillor Murphy who provide us with challenge and ensure that we are an effective Children’s Centre. 

 Little Ellies

Little Ellies is our childcare provision onsite that is also delivered and managed by Ellen Wilkinson Primary School.  The provision is opened 51 weeks of the year and supports the Free Early Education offer that is promoted through the Children’s Centre.  The Centre offers support to the nursery where necessary and staff are always proactive with signposting parents/ carers to access services that are on offer. 

 Health Visiting Team

Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre has a strong links with the Health Visiting team working in partnership to deliver Health Visitor Drop-ins, 12-16 Week Reviews, 1 Year and 2.5 Year reviews within the centre.  The Health Visiting Team also deliver a range of informative workshops around key areas that parents often need further support with such as Nutrition. 

Barts Health NHS Trust

The Midwifery Parent Education team at Barts Health NHS Trust offer a range of antenatal groups for expectant parents such as Water Birth Workshop and Relax for Birth.  These all run from within Children’s Centres across Newham.  BaRD CC further support these groups through ensuring that the expectant parents know what is on offer for them to access after the birth.





Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre work closely with the Community Neighbourhood Teams to support with delivery of services and promoting the importance of reading and the library services. 


Working together to support Newham parents to get back into work offering a comprehensive service to support the needs of local people. In addition to employment support, workplace also offer support that range from housing benefit and debt advice, supported employment for those with a physical or learning disability.