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Beckton and
Royal Docks

Children's Centre

Play & Learning Groups

Reading, library visits, playing with letters, numbers and shapes, painting and drawing, learning through play, letters of the alphabet, nursery rhymes and singing, all help children to learn.  Whilst children learn to read at school, it is often the family that encourages this interest.

By attending the sessions that we offer at the centre, you will gain many ideas that you can take away and enjoy learning at home with your child.  Children in the foundation stage learn best through play. 

“Great ideas to use a story and turn it into different ways to be active – I’ll definitely do this at home” (Parent quote, 2016)

Bookstart Packs – Children are entitled to the Bookstart Baby Pack (0-2 years) from the Health Visitor, and the Bookstart Treasure Pack (3-4 years) through your child’s nursery, these are valuable resources for you to start promoting early reading with your child at home.  If you have not received a pack please come to the centre with your red health book to collect your child's pack.

Stay & Play Groups

Stay & Play  groups are stimulating environments where children can have fun whilst engaging in developmentally appropriate activities...we have a range of different sessions based around different areas and age groups that will ensure that you will always have something for your child to attend.  We believe in the importance of Early Learning and you will always be able to take away new ideas from our range of sessions that are on offer in order for you to continue with the learning in your home environment, be sure to pick up a tip sheet if there is one available!  

Activities are aimed at improving children’s communication, language, literacy, problem solving, reasoning, numeracy, physical and creative skills.  All sessions are planned in accordance to the EYFS and Five to Thrive frameworks, this means that children are working towards achieving clear outcomes therefore preparing them to be school ready. 

Children learn songs and rhymes, listen to stories and learn to share through the various activities. Parents and carers have an opportunity to make new friends and engage with their children in play outside the home environment. Parents and carers will be able to take ideas away to try at home. 

Check out the What’s On page to see full details of the sessions that you can access at the Children's Centre and outreach venues.