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Beckton and
Royal Docks

Children's Centre

Welcome from Centre Lead

Welcome to the Beckton & Royal Dock Children’s Centre website. 

I hope that you will find the site useful and informative. It is intended to showcase all the activities and services on offer for families with under 5s living in the Beckton & Royal Docks neighbourhood area.  

Children’s Centres represent a unique, yet valuable resource for children and families where services and activities can be accessed and contacts made.  Children’s Centres have become a vital part of the local community.  I am sure that many families will agree with me that we are a pillar in our community where parents and carers feel safe, welcomed, valued and that we offer a service where they are supported to enjoy and achieve. 

In this current climate, funding and the effective use of public money plays a key part to the continued funding of a valuable service such as Children’s Centres.  Therefore we place very clear and important responsibility on the shoulders of all staff so the evaluation of all activities is a key part of the work of the team. I highly encourage you all to participate in providing us feedback, letting us know where we can improve or how we have made a difference to your lives as this helps us as centre to grow. 

Our staff are all highly trained and experienced and provide the connection for families to services they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.  This is because families prefer to access or be introduced to a service by someone they know and trust. This expectation is met because staff have a very high personal engagement with families they work with and treat each family as unique. In doing so staff have gained an in depth knowledge of families in our community. They also give families a positive perspective on the outside world and provide families with experiences outside their normal daily routines.

I would like to thank the leadership team and the governing board for the continued support with the development of the centre and our transformation from Ellen Wilkinson Children’s Centre to become the Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre, the lead centre for our area.   I would also like to thank our partners who we work with supporting to provide an integrated service to families and the staff team in the past and long may it continue into the future.  A special thank you also needs to be given to the community, to those who use and have benefitted from using our centre, providing us with valuable feedback and making the work we do worthwhile. 

Leena Choi
Beckton & Royal Docks Children’s Centre Lead